ACI Danmark


ACI  Danmark – The Financial Markets Association.

On the general assembly sep 4th 2003 it was decided to change the originally name Forex-Club Danmark to the new name ACI Danmark. At the same time we changed our logo.
Local arm of ACI – The Financial Markets Association


June 19th 1957


To heighten the professional and ethical level amongst members To elevate the effectiveness of the currency markets To work for a good co-operation amongst currency traders inside Denmark as well as towards foreign financial institutions.


Today the association include members from a broad pallet of national and international financial markets.

Originally, the membership was restricted to currency traders.

Today You have to be employed by a bank, savings bank or organization that has signed a Statement of Commitment in relation to the FX Global Code and engaged in operations related to trading with financial instruments.

The membership is organised in two levels:

  • Membership
  • Associated membership

The membership for each individual member and for associated members is : DKK 1.250.-

The invoices of the membership fees will be distributed to their member institutions yearly by beginning of March. The billing is based on the actual status of memberships of each institution on the day of dispatch.

Please inform the secretariat of ACI Danmark about any personnel changes throughout the year.

Historical Highlights

Hosting international Forex Congress in 1972 and 1990 International Junior Seminar in 1993 Nordic Forex in 1996. The Forex Danmark board consists of 8 members, representing different memberbanks.


Save the date – ACI Danmark Annual Assembly 2023

Please Save the Date and join us on this  occasion.

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Senior Management Forum 2022

SAVE THE DAY The programme will be published as soon as possible.

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Referat af generalforsamling 2021

Dagsorden i henhold til vedtægter Valg af dirigent Præsidentens beretning Godkendelse af regnskab Indkomne forslag. Forslag skal være bestyrelsen i hænde senest 14 dage før generalforsamlingen. Bestyrelsen sender indkomne forslag til medlemmer via bankernes kontaktperson senest 5 dage før afholdelsen. Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer. Poul Erik Christensen, SparNord og Rene Simonsen, ICAP. Begge er villige til […]

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