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Autumn 2024

The four-day ACI Dealing Certificate exam preparation course is a comprehensive financial markets course. The course is originally developed for people who are working at front-offices of treasury departments of banks and other financial institutions. Because of the fact that an increasing number of transactions are concluded via trading platforms nowadays, however, it becomes increasingly important that also IT specialists have a thorough understanding of traded instruments and market conventions. Another example of staff for whom the course is very beneficial are risk managers.

This intense and interactive training course thoroughly prepares the candidates for the ACI exam. Each training session consists of a short introduction about a core exam subject after which the candidates will be given the opportunity to test the newly acquired knowledge by answering questions that are similar to those in the official exam. During the course, the participants are strongly encouraged to ask questions themselves and also to share their own knowledge and experience with the group. After each session, the students are required to make home-work questions for which the assessed needed time is one hour per training day. The course comes with a e-learning tool with, amongst others, over 600 practice questions and an exam simulator. The e-learning is especially relevant to study the Financial Markets Environment part and the Applications Part because these topics will only be discussed briefly during the course.

Day 1: Rates

  • Interest Calculations
  • Accumulation Factors and Discount Factors
  • Yield curves
  • Forward Yields
  • Money Market Paper
  • Deposits
  • Bonds
  • Repurchase Agreements
  • Securities Finance
  • Islamic Banking

Day 2: Foreign Exchange 1

  • FX Quotations
  • Cross Rates
  • FX Forward Rates
  • FX Forwards and  Trading before the Spot
  • FX Swaps
  • O/N and T/N swaps, Forward Forward Swaps
  • NDFs and Time Options

Day 3: Foreign Exchange 2 and Options

  • Performance Measurement with FX Trading Positions
  • Covered Interest Arbitrage
  • Precious Metals
  • Features of Options
  • The Greeks
  • Delta position and delta hedging
  • Strangles and Straddles
  • Interest Rate Options

Day 4: Interest Rate Derivatives / Financial Markets Environment and Risk

  • FRAs
  • Money Market Futures
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Financial Markets Environment
  • Risk


Cancelation rules:

Cancelation 1 month before the course starts – fully refundable.

Cancelation less than 2 weeks before the course starts – 50% refund.

Cancelation less than 1 week before the course starts – no  refund.


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If you are not already a member of ACI Forex Danmark you can become one as part of the sign up process, assuming you fulfil the membership requirements (for more information visit our statutes on our webpage). Becoming member incurs an additional fee.

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